BRAD PITT BUYS $6 MILLION DOLLAR YACHT..Brad Pitt has bought a luxury yacht for several million euros. With space for the
whole extended family. Along with Angelina Jolie, Pitt has six children – on the yacht
should be enough room for all. Brad Pitt has given himself a very special new toy: For
the equivalent of just under six million euros, the actor bought a yacht. This was reported
by the British newspaper ” The Sun “. The 49-year-old has thus fulfilled a long cherished
dream, the paper quoted from an unidentified source. “He loves the idea to sail with his
children around the islands along the southern coast of France near St. Tropez.” There is enough room for the Brangelina group as eight people can stay on board without problems.
The Hollywood star is certainly not boring: Since February, they sell their own wine from
their estate Miraval, located in the beautiful Provence. And when no grapes are growing,
they can now sail across the oceans.

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