VIJAY MALLYA - MAJOR PLAYER IN BUSINESS...Chairman and CEO, United Breweries Group

Known for his flamboyant lifestyle and chilled out attitude, Vijay Mallya is the owner and chairman of the UB Group. His principal, United Breweries is the second largest spirits group in the world and has an evaluation of US $ 12 billion. After his father passed away in 1983, it was all up to the young Mallya to guide his father’s legacy through rough waters. He aptly rose to the occasion and transformed the company into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. In this rollercoaster ride to the top Mallya has definitely seen more ups than down.

His personal fortune and assets have also swelled and so has his appetite for leading a lavish and extravagant life. His exclusive VIP parties on his private megayacht, The Indian Empress rivals the best and his quest for the perfect abode has lead him buy over 25 properties all across the globe, some as exclusive as the one at Island of Sainte-Marguerite. He is as livid and bashful at his product launches, with a string of high profile celebrities lining at his side as shrewd he is with his business deals.

The man considers himself as the best advertising model for his company’s tag line, the King of Good Times, and is quite attached with his Kingfisher brand; be it his ubiquitous beer, his Formula 1 racing cars or his airline. It is said he personally interviewed the young women who would serve as stewardesses. And for all his success, the strategy and flamboyance has served him well. He has invested heavily in sports, which includes an Indian Premium League team and a Formula One team worth 88 million euros. Mallya has for himself a vintage car collection of over 250 cars. In 2009 he bought Gandhi’s wire rimmed spectacles, pocket watch and other personal possessions being sold in an auction in New York for $1.8 million.

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