The legendary music executive Lyor Cohen is ready to shake up the game once again, announcing that his new company 300 has a new partnership with the Mega company Twitter. While speaking in France, Cohen revealed that the partnership will be used as an early A&R tool to help develop artists. Turning to Twitter seems like a good place for Cohen and his new agency to start, with most young acts first becoming known to the public through the social network. It’s where a lot of things go “viral” nowadays.

This keynote was the first time that Cohen had publicly discussed his new company, which is back by Google and co-founded by Todd Moscowitz & Kevin Liles. 300 hopes to be a place where artists and their managers can further their reach and fully achieve goals. We are very excited to see what Lyor is able to do moving forward, especially with the inclusion of social media giant Twitter. This could be something special for the music industry.

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