Entrepreneurs are known for their passion, hard work, determination, and tenacity. They often “burn the midnight oil” and “do whatever it takes” to make sure their startup is a success. But through all these clichés (as true as they are), it’s important to realize there’s not just one type of entrepreneur out there. In fact, there’s not one single entrepreneurship path to follow. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, and that’s the beauty of you being on this journey.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you think other entrepreneurs are doing. I, for one, feel like a slacker when I leave the office before sunset, especially when my colleagues are still there working. I feel a pang of guilt when I choose to have some personal time rather than continuing on my work, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. But then I remind myself that I got all the “must-do’s” done, and maybe even a little more; that it’s okay to take a couple hours away.

Everyone works differently and at different paces. While it appears your fellow entrepreneurs never take a breath, and while entrepreneurship articles list all the telltale signs of entrepreneur personalities (which you may or may not fit), you’re the one that knows you best. It’s more important that you find your productive rhythm than competing for hardest worker (after all, competition is at the top of the telltale signs list).

As lonely as the entrepreneurship path may seem, it’s not an individual game. It’s a team game, and everything you do must go toward bettering your company. So find what works best for you to be the most productive and contributing team member you can be. It’s going to look different than your colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs, and that’s okay. Focus on your strengths, stay true to yourself, and continue to better not only yourself, but also your company as a result.

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