SHAQ “The Mogul”

Shaquille O’Neal is arguably one of the greatest basketball players to ever put on a uniform. Championship after championship this charismatic star athlete always had a glow about him which attracted sponsorship. From his Reebok “shaq” shoe deal to Mens jewelry and suit line, Shaq has put his footprint and business model in full action as he expands his Shaquille O’Neal brand. Now retired from the everyday life of running suicide and basketball drills he has put the entrepreneur cap on to introduce people to the the total Shaq collection. On TV currently Shaq has Gold Bond, Icy hot, Buick and Shaq soda commercials running everyday in full rotation. His net worth is $250 millions and he has totaled about $290 million from endorsements from his 19yr professional basketball career. Shaq is definitely a household name and a true entrepreneur/ businessman elevating everything around him. please check out

United Nations Every Woman Every Child Dinner 2012 - Arrivals


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