ZZ Watches

Trying to get through eight days of Baselworld without buying a watch is like trying to get through Fashion Week without buying a wardrobe—virtually impossible. And after the event, when we start to pick and choose which timepieces we’re going to need for the next year, we always prefer to look at some of the newer brands. Every man with money can buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe, but having an eye for emerging brands takes a horological connoisseur. ZZ Watches, a new Swiss brand, was launched only a few months ago, but is capturing our attention due to their very unique, new collections—the Tornade and Cyclone.

In both watch styles the dial is made up of two windows, one for hour and the other for minutes, set slightly off-kilter from each other, in a figure-eight pattern designed to give an “an allusion to the vortex of tornados and the whirlwind of cyclones.” With two bridges crossing the watch face and hours and minutes encircling each dial, the front makes for an impressive statement, while the inner mechanics can be seen through the navy blue tinted glass. Coming in a rose gold or steel casing with available diamond options, these watches are engraved with the brand’s double Z logo on the watch crown and are water resistant up to 100 meters. Each collection is available in limited numbered editions of 888 pieces and is available exclusively at the Colette shop in Paris.

Courtesy of JustLuxe.com

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