Henrik Lundqvist is among the professional athletes who have entered into the fashion business. The New York Rangers goaltender has been hailed as one of the best-dressed athletes not only in the NHL, but across sports. Top fashion outlets like Vanity Fair and GQ have praised his impeccable sartorial style. Earlier this year, Lundqvist collaborated with Swedish bodywear brand, Bread & Boxers, in an effort to expand his fashion horizons. In doing so, he joined sports pros like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Russell Westbrook, as they each have experience in underwear modeling and design.

The Bread & Boxers collection includes a range of boxer briefs, v-neck tees, crew neck tees, tanks, and socks. Items are high-quality yet simplistic in style. Forbes’ Style Director, Joseph DeAcetis, spoke with Lundqvist about his evolving fashion sense, the Bread & Boxers offerings, and how the internet will help to build the brand.

On the name Bread & Boxers:

“I think they were looking for something very fresh and when you look at this product, it is very simple. When it comes to coloring, when it comes to design, it’s just something that’s part of your everyday routine and that’s where the Bread & Boxers comes into place. You want it to be something just part of your daily routine, nothing complicated at all.”

On the brand’s demographic:

“I think the market is more just for the man that wants to have a busy life, but they still want to look clean, they want to feel good. If you look at the product, there’s no logos, there’s no look at me. It’s a very down to earth brand and that’s what I like about it.”


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