Kids these days: they’re seriously dressed to impress, they skip the lemonade stand and go straight to the atelier and just like that, they’re on from one venture to the next. Joining LA’s overachieving minors are 13-year-old skateboarders Jonathan Heit (who’s already made a foray into film) and Alex Trevino, who hope to upgrade their peers’ closets with their new label, Black Tie Emporium.

Dreamed up during afternoon study hall (talk about productive) and inspired by mall stalwarts Zumies and streetwear mecca Fairfax and Melrose, the teens dubbed their brand’s look “‘dapper skate’ because the graphics are clean and sophisticated—but they’re cool, too,” says Heit. Their debut range—a collection of graphic tees “that we could jump into any time we skate”—hits shelves Tuesday, June 3 at cool brand incubator ADBD’s boutique, where they’ll be sold exclusively until June 8.
PowerPoint Presentation
Eventually, the entrepreneurial teens plan on expanding into merch for snowboarding, surfing and womenswear. They’re do-gooders, too: a portion of proceeds go to non-profit org unite4:good. Check out their first line of merch ($25 to $40) and click on the jump below.

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