In order to create a meeting place for a scout group near Wolfsburg, Germany, a treehouse has been designed by Baumraum and constructed by the troop of enthusiastic young people on the Almke camp site. The elevated structure wraps a sturdy pine, and provides a place among nature for gathering, eating, and sleeping. Programs are housed in two nearly identical volumes facing one other, which are offset by a height of one meter. The lower building provides sleeping for eight people, while the upper serves for gathering and eating. The latter contains necessary cooking equipment, a dining table, and a wood-burning stove for cooler times of the year. The two volumes have slightly pitched and curving roofs, and are identical save for their window placement and furnishings. A sturdy wooden stair accesses the central terrace. The structure is supported by wood columns, beams, and diagonal bracing, and further stiffened by steel cables.baumraum_scout_treehouse_almke_beautifullife_05

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