Dez White


Entrepreneur Dez White has created a suite of applications – Invisible Text, Invisible Social, Invisible Call, and Invisible Email – that address the world’s growing appetite for secure communication. White, a married mother of two, came up with the idea for Invisible apps initially to address a pressing work need.

As the founder of celebrity gossip site,, White often ran into trouble assuring her sources that their communications with her would remain anonymous. For fear of leaving a paper trail, many sources refused to come forward, which prompted White to get the ball rolling on her tech idea. She familiarized herself with the app development process, found a developer and investor, and applied for multiple patents to protect her idea. A year later, White launched Invisible Text.
White initially focused on developing the Invisible Text app, but then expanded into developing apps for calling, emailing and social media when she realized how pervasive the need for privacy options had become on every communication format.
The Southern California native has garnered the support of athletes, celebrities and business execs like Paris Hilton, Lamar Odom, Andy Milonakis, Gilbert Arenas and Damon Dash, who is White’s mentor. The app’s early adopters include Los Angeles Clippers player Matt Barnes and Halle Berry’s manager Vincent Cirrincione.

Since launching in 2013, Invisible Text has over 250,000 downloads. The busy mother of two, author and tech entrepreneur isn’t stopping there. She’s got several other ventures in the works such as the first-ever social network for aspiring rappers, Rap Battle Live. She is also slated to release Blind Debit, a payment platform that allows you to make purchases with your fingerprint. Both projects are in partnership with her mentor, Damon Dash.
White, who is one of the youngest female tech entrepreneurs to develop a suite of apps, encourages other young women of color to become producers of technology. White is launching GirlCode LA, the first of a series of free nationwide tech events targeted to females over the age of 13, to introduce them to app development, the funding process, and which will provide an intro to coding.
White is also making a commitment at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative in New York in September as a member. She has raised $4million in funding for Invisible Text to date.

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