13 Yr old Designer?

Isabella Rose Taylor is a 13 years old who hails from Austin, Texas is a genius in most peoples eyes. This young entrepreneur has catapulted her ideas into becoming a very highly talked about fashion designer. She is taking her brand to some unthinkable heights. As the youngest clothing designer to ever be carried in Nordstrom she recently released her 2014 fall junior collection
which is now available in 10 stores and also online. Taylor also made another dream come true when she debuted her 2015 Spring collection at New York Fashion Week. “From a young age, my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams, they told me I didn’t have to wait until I was older to be my own boss and do what I love says Taylor”.
Taylor’s business started by creating clothing for family and friends in her spare time which lead to the support of her parent to next become a full on clothing design business. Her design style has been labeled a grungy street vibe with a hippie element and quirky details. Prices generally range from $28 for knit shorties to $89 for a cardigan.

“Social media is such an easy thing to do now,” she says, “and having a presence is so important.” Taylor is also active on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. And yesterday, in a strategic move, she launched her very own YouTube channel under the auspices of leading multi-channel network (MCN) StyleHaul.

To purchase her clothing online, please go to http://www.isabellarosetaylor.com

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