Jay Morrison self proclaimed “Mr.Real Estate” has turned a life of crime as a adolescent into becoming a well respected Real Estate Mogul. Allegedly an ex-drug trafficker at the age of 21-25, battling long jail sentences this young man changed his life for the better by taking a chance on change. Transforming his life from the hard streets of New Jersey to buying homes and selling mansions Jay Morrison has made positive changes in his life. He has established himself in the real estate industry by having high profile clients from industries such as the NBA, NFL, radio personalities, famous film directors etc. For years Mr. Morrison has been giving out alot of information on how to get involved in real estate, building credit and the aspects of becoming wealthy and financially independent. He has recently started “The Jay Morrison Scholarship Fund” for those who want to take the real estate game seriously and become you own real estate mogul one day. please take a look at this entrepreneur who has turned bad decisions into great decision just by taking a chance on himself and changing for the better.

Please watch the video below:

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