Erica Ford: “City of Peace”

Erica Ford and Deepak Chopra put together a powerful community event called “City of Peace” in Queens, NY this past friday October 10th 2014. Ms.Ford is known for her 25+ years of community activism with a goal to stop teen violence by creating peace through out the community. She uses the arts, hip-hop, strong street presents and education to show the youth there is definitely another way to handle the disagreements.
Deepak Chopra a known author, spiritual speaker and physician is also a huge supporter of community wellness with the youth. This event had a great turn out of about 300 people standing room only of neighborhood resident, politicians and the PeaceKeepers of Ohio. There was many speakers that night such as Erica Ford, Deepak Chopra, Dennis Muhammad and many more powerful individuals. Mogul Media TV was on location filming this great night of education, togetherness and peace talk. Please check out the video below and follow @EricaFordNYC and @DeepakChopra for their future work.

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