CEO of Scan Inc, Garrett Gee  is a young well spoken designer/ tech entrepreneur who developed a company which creates web and mobile experiences using tech Scan QR codes, NR and more. It has a very interactive downloadable app which is being sold for $1.99 as of now, with currently about 60+ million downloads and active users. This young savvy entrepreneur have already raised $8+ million dollars capital for his flourishing company. Scan was founder in his college years at BYU about 4 years ago with two college friends. The growth of Scan is growing at a tremendous rate being the massive interactive simplicity and well rounded concept of this company. We all know the tech world is a $100+ billion dollar industry, so i can see this sharp wiz kid taking this company to new heights very soon. He’s been featured on many different entrepreneurial platforms, most well known “The Shark Tank” where he didn’t receive the $1 million he was looking to acquire but he did leave with the respect of all millionaires on the shark tank staff. Please check out and get familiar with how Scan can help you individualism or your business awareness.


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