StartApp is a mobile advertising platform founded in late 2010. StartApp deals with the two main parts of the mobile industry today: the monetization challenge that application developers face when trying to generate substantial revenue from their applications, and application distribution – earning a substantial number of downloads worldwide.

We currently partner with more than 100,000 applications, generating over 1 Billion SDK downloads to date. A flexible integration process allows application developer to choose between different SDKs, offering both in and out of app monetization. StartApp’s unique model allows developers to earn revenue for every download of their application. This partnership with developers allows us to offer advertisers over 6 billion monthly ad impressions worldwide, across a variety of technologically advanced ad units including ads in a 3 dimensional format designed to maximize revenue while keeping interference to the user experience to a minimum.

StartApp is a major player in the mobile advertising scene, with headquartered in New York and offices in San Francisco, Israel, China and India, and a global presence at numerous mobile events from small meetups to international conventions.

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