michael-jordan-mjtakeoverMichael Jordan the Chairman of the newly renamed Charlotte Hornets sits down for a quality interview to elaborate on the name change back to “hornets”, the Big 3 on his team, what it will take to be a force in the NBA and his new signee Lance Stevenson. Contrary to popular belief Jordan really likes the determination and love for the game that Stevenson possesses. Michael Jordan has came a long way from a rookie to now a big business mogul with so many lucrative ventures with a major one being the charlotte hornets. His love for the game as expressed in this interview shows the respect he has for the game as well as the new generations game. A tremendous entrepreneur with valuable insight from every aspect of winning, Jordan delivers a extremely informative interview with much to look forward to with his charlotte hornet team. Success is right around the corner for this franchise, so keep your eyes on the look out for more from Michael Jordan and his charlotte hornets.

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