Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez, the celebrity New York radio personality has been the talk of the town every since recently leaving the rival radio show Hot 97 for it competitor Power 105 FM. She has been very outspoken about Jay Z the rapper/ CEO of ROC NATION is one of her favorite artist/ friends in the game. So recently this past week, Angie has signed a management deal with ROC NATION as a personality. She has a lot to offer because of her celebrity, friendship earned through out the last 15 years in the hip hop industry and her radio show which is currently being played at 3pm primetime in NYC and MIAMI on the airwaves. We can only imagine what Roc Nation has in store for this hispanic radio princess Angie Martinez. Could it be her own TV/ Talk Show? We will see for sure when 2015 begins all we can do here at Mogul Media TV is wish her much success in all her new ventures.

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