Jeff Bezos, this 50 years old tech mogul and CEO of Amazon is labeled the “worlds best performing CEO in the world” by Harvard Business Review. Recently Amazon has recorded its biggest loss in 14 years but their leader still seems to be the fan favorite. people have been betting against Bezos for many years but the always come out wrong. This savvy CEO has a strategy which is to reinvest revenue continually into the company that seems to wow so many investors over and over. Amazon is a online bookseller, a video streaming service and recently known for creating smartphones. Jeff Bezos doesn’t really seem worried at all. He was recently quoted saying “Even though we have significant revenues, we invest in so many new initiatives that in some ways we’re still a startup,” he told McGinn sometime before last week’s earnings report. “Volatility is part of being a startup.” Amazon has became a very lucrative company to invest in after becoming public in 1997. Jeff Bezos is definitely a tech mogul for real.

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