Satya Nadella


Microsoft has just reveal some important news about Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. Its was told that for the first year his package would be worth $84 million. The breakdown of his funds will be as followed 1. Base Salary of $918.917, 2. a cash bonus of $3.6 millions, a one time grant of stock valued at $59.2 million which he can’t cash out until 2019, a one time stock grant worth $13.5 million to keep him around during the CEO search process. Nadella envisions Microsoft as a services business which runs on data analytics, mobile devices, and cloud computing. Since taking the helm in February, Nadella has made a number of announcements, and has even made Windows software free on smartphones and some tablets — showing that Microsoft isn’t afraid to take a short-term financial hit on the way to long-term innovation.

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