Amber Ravenel


Amber Ravenel is a self made entertainment industry mogul in the making. She is CEO of The Ravenel Agency, a full-service Talent and Branding company which main focus is to maintain that “buzz effect” for her present clients. A Native New Yorker with a talent for music a young Amber use to have issue years ago trying to get a job at some of the premiere record labels. This trailblazer took her future in her own hand and created her own label called “Ravenel Records” ,which is now known as The Ravenel Agency. Some of her clients are Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia (Media/Radio Personality) and Tahiry Jose (a beautiful model/ entrepreneur). Consistent hard work has paid off for this young entrepreneur who is also co-founder of Women On The Move, a women empowerment group of individuals who inspire women in business, politics and much more. As we watch your entrepreneurs grow, Amber Ravenel is definitely on that list of entertainment moguls on the rise. please check out for more information about her company.

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