Dr.Dre “Building Home Studio”

Celebrity businessman/mega music producer Andre “Dr.Dre” Young has cash out big with the selling off Beats by Dre to Apple for a cool $3 Billion Dollars. Dr.Dre is definitely in our minds a new billionaire to the rest of the world but now with some of that money he’s purchase a huge mansion in California.
As you can see the home is one of a kind and is said to be bought for $40 million from the mega producer. He has enough space for about 10 house, garage space for like 50 cars and its pools are those of an A-list resort. The one thing that was missing from his home was a mega top of the line studio.
Its said to be about 10,000 square feet and being built directly under the mansion. We should be hearing some powerful music from this music legend once the studio is up and running.

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