McBride Sisters


The McBride Sisters are one of the most unique stories you’ll hear in years. These two african american beautiful women entrepreneurs have very deep story on how their business came to be. The two sisters Andrea and Robin McBride have different mother but the same father. As little girls growing up they both believed that they were the only child. After receiving a phone call from their dad explaining that there is a sibling sister out there his dream was to make sure they found each other to get to know one another. Soon after their father passed on and with the help of siblings they would soon find each other. They were separated by pacific ocean with one living in New Zealand and the other living in California. In 1999, the sister met for the first time in New York with Andrea 17 and Robin 26 years old. The close relationship was born and the seed was planted that day which would soon blossom in a family business as we see today. In 2010, The McBride sisters launched their Eco.Love Wine company producing wines from the worlds first winery certified for zero carbon emissions.

They received a partnership with New Zealand Wine Company Limited gave their business the opportunity to make wines from grapes that are grown without chemical fertilizer. The McBride Sisters use bottles that are recycled which shows how serious they are about saving energy. The two entrepreneurs are very hands on with the grape picking, the ideas and concepts and how they want to be represented in the market. Even their logo is very defining with meaning behind it.

As of recent the popularity of their wines have brought many different suppliers to their door but they came across the number one supplier in the wine and spirits industry worldwide, Diageo. After negotiating for a year or more the two brands can to an agreement which allowed the McBride Sisters to release their newest brand of wine “Truvee” with Diageo as a partner. Their first two varietals are Chardonnay and a Red Blend. After tasting these wines i can give my own rating to say “Truvee is one of the best new wines to hit the market because of the detail to quality grapes, blending and full body mouth feel”. Please check out the website to see whats going on with these to entrepreneurs and their growing business.

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