Finally after many years of dreaming and putting the work in, Steph Curry (one of the best shooter/ guards in the NBA) has signed a deal with “Under Armour” and created his very own basketball shoe. The point guard for the NBA Golden State Warriors and Under Armour, today unveiled the official “Curry One’s”, which the pro baller will be wearing for the reat of the season. This shoe comes branded with Steph Curry’s “SC30” logo on the tongue + the numbers “4:13” on the upper lace loop which represent the bible verse “Philippians 4:13 {“I can do all things through him who strengthens me”.}
Steph Curry has made a household name for himself the last 2 years in the NBA being now as a winner, arguably the best shooter in NBA and a all around class act as a person. Its only right that he gets to release his own signature shoe for the world to see. You cant put a value on quality its measured timelessly.
He has 2 sets of shoes coming out the “Home” which will be release Feb.13th & the “Away” releasing Feb 28th both with a price tag of $120.00

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