Soho Life

Opening Reception for NEW EXPOSURE Presented By Bottega Veneta and Vogue (picture from observer)
Champagne connoisseur aka The Ace of all spades, Brett Berish has put some of that big money from selling his #1 Champagne “Ace of Spades” to mega hip hop businessman Jay Z to work by investing into a new condo. Yes, its been said that Brett and wife
Alana have purchased a beautiful condo in one of New York City’s prominent buildings in the “Soho” are for a cool $7.2 million. the rooms are designed fabulously with a one of a kind decor. This can definitely be a fine get away when making major deals and creating new brands for the world to go crazy over like his newly rising brand “Luc Belaire”.
His sparkling rose’varietal has became a hit in the urban hip hop community nation wide. We wish him the best with all his future endeavors.

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