Who are millennials? That seems to be the question of the last 3-4 years, well to answer that you have to be in tuned with them. Millennials can be considered those individuals who were born between 1982-2000 baring the age between 21 – 34. They are also known as “Generation Y”, which pretty much shows their difference of thought process, future planning and opposition of traditional living. Yes, they are very educated but they are also more adult mentality driven being that many of them are parents as early as age 25. They grew up in a time where by the time they were entering college the world was just heading into the an economic depression.


The job market has reached a record bottom and they have graduated college with major unpaid loans.  Millennials are more independent driven unlike the traditional generations before them. They are more tech savvy and social media literate with their communication style. Different doesn’t mean wrong it just means different another way of doing something. Bringing the gap between the millennials and the older generation has seen its obstacles but there are many ways to connect the dots to make it work. We must meet them half way and try to see their point of view of things. Yes we are older but its doesn’t mean we know it all.


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