Hill Harper


Hill Harper the actor, businessman and the author has teamed up with the NBA, Mass Mutual Insurance and Junior Achievement to educate kids all over the world about becoming wealthy instead of being rich. Harper has been explaining to these kids that becoming the CEO of a company with be more profitable than becoming and athlete being that CEO’s on an average make 2.5 times as much as NBA players. His concept of saving money early as third grade and opening bank accounts also that early. Harper has been speaking out about these issues for years. He’s authored several books, including “The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place” and bestsellers “Letters to a Young Brother” and “Letters to a Young Sister.”

Harper can’t stress enough the importance of investing money sooner than later and mistakes he feels African Americans make with putting all their money into a house which isnt in the best neighborhood so it doesn’t increase value as quickly as other areas. “African Americans have been taught to believe that generational wealth transfer is through your home,” Harper says. Many times those homes aren’t worth much because of the neighborhoods they are in or how run down they have become.

So support Hill Harper and his movement as he travels around the U.S. educating our future about finance investment building and changing the mentality of how to generate wealth.

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