Mark Zuckerberg

20150105165734-improve-media-diet-mark-zuckerberg-announces-virtual-book-club(photo by Kris Krug/Flickr)

Mark Zuckerberg has some powerful words for you as entrepreneur building your brand and business. The Facebook CEO has a philosophy that has worked for him forever, “I only hire people to work for me that I would work for myself.” That is a deep comment to so many but really what we get from those words are basically don’t higher to be in power over others, hire people with expertise that you respect and admire. They will give you the energy and expertise as if the company was theirs. Look for quality not quantity. Facebook was created for one reason and that was to connect the world through social media.

Zuckerberg has a very unique management style when it comes to his workers “Employees need the ability to fully exercise all their creativity and all their capacity, or else they’re not going to be having the biggest impact that they can have on the world, and they’re going to want to go do something else.”

This is why facebook is so do tremendously well in the entrepreneurship world, while reach a billion plus people with under 10,000 employees making up his strategic team.

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