One of the hottest boxers right now it the sport Puerto Rico’s own Miguel Cotto has officially signed a deal worth $50 million with super businessman Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. The deal is for 3 fights and the money seems to be guaranteed. He is expected to make his return to the ring on June 6th in New York, either at Madison Square Garden or the Barclays Center.

“We are really happy to have this partnership with Roc Nation, and we are going to do our best as always to fight at the same level I have always fought at,” Cotto told ESPN. “We are going to discuss the opponents and the venue, but the best option for us is to be in New York.”

David Iskowitch, the COO of Roc Nation Sports – boxing division said, “We bring a lot to the table beyond the world of boxing. We can bring certain things in boxing that were attractive to him, but there’s a lot that we can help establish for him in his years beyond the ring.”

Roc Nation Sports seems to be making ahuge impact in the sport agency world with signing of major athletes from NBA, WNBA, NFL and now boxing.

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