We’ve seen celebrities, athletes and innovators sign multimillion dollar deals with huge companies representing a variety of brands from automobiles, beverages, clothing and alcohol beverages. Millions are getting passed around, its seem now and days like its just “audience for hire” – meaning companies are just signing celebrities to gain their clients audience. Where is the Authenticity? Well I’m sure 50 Cent drinking vitamin water, Jay-Z drinking Ace of Spades, Lebron James eating McDonalds but does that mean the other show some authenticity too?
Are there any celebrities that actual really use the product their advertising? that seems to be the question. Also, Is the product of any quality that their advertising or is it just a check. Of course we know that its all about business most of the time, “money talks” that’s what they all say.

After doing some research, we actually found some authenticity with an endorsement deal for a brand called “Sparkling Ice”, a zero-calorie carbonated water. NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who actually drinks Sparkling Ice regularly took the initiative to approach the water company to see if their could be an opportunity to partner up. Of course this would be a major success for any brand so after hearing Durant out and realizing his was a loyal supporter of the brand, CEO Kevin Klock couldn’t say no so the deal was done last summer. We must say that is proof that authenticity is alive and well concerning endorsement deals.

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