50 CENT’s Does it Again

50(photo by Thisis50)

He’s at it again, non stop branding for his headphone company SMS Audio, which has been reported as partnering with Marvel and Reebok recently. SMS Audio has always stated that the brand extension and partnerships they build would be the keys to expanding worldwide. With 50 Cent at the head of the operations we can only see mega stardom and success for the brand. Some reports have stated that the Marvel branded headphones will sell for a much lower price than competitor Beats by Dre. They will retail at $99 to start out with these headphones sharing images of the marvel superheros roster.

Now as for the other deal 50 Cent has reconnected with partner Reebok again to focus their headphones more on the fitness strategy and will be sold in the Reebok Stores worldwide and also on online.

50 recently spoke on SMS’s main competitor, Beats By Dre in  Fortune interview saying “Beats was the first time you saw a record company realized as a marketing company,” said Fif. “You saw Gaga Beats, Bieber Beats, Diddy Beats. And when that many people connected to a major record company have product placement, the unestablished artist who purchases a pair of headphones puts that in his clip so that he feels like he’s got that cool too. It worked in a big way. And it’s not necessarily about the product they sell. It doesn’t have a great sound system.”

“Beats is Nike, and we’re adidas,” he continued. “It’s more international.”

We will see the evolution of the SMS Audio headphones line and how it rolls out.

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