UBER has came up with a witty promotional idea called “Uber Safe”. In Toronto, Canada they put there invention to work but placing a random Uber branded breatherlyzer Kiosk on the street in a busy area where there were local bars. Many people seen the large kiosk and stopped to wonder what exactly it was. The actual kiosk actually is a breatherlyzer, which you actually blow into throw a long straw like tube and it will calculate your blood alcohol levels to see if you legally intoxicated. Next step is it will call you a cab “free’ of charge. Several people tried it and it worked like a charm. Its a very creative idea and truly can save alot of lives by taking the keys out of a intoxicated persons hands to prevent an accident or even death. We look forward to seeing more of these Kiosk worldwide hopefully. Check out the video below wher you can see how it actually works.

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