Moet Chandon has been releasing quality brands for 300+ years and on the sparkling wine level Chandon has been testing very well in the market. Most people look at bubbly as a celebratory type of drink but the market is proving different as we speak. Since 2013 the sparkling category has been growing in market share worldwide. Items like Proseco have feared very well in growth because of the introduction of sparkling being put on the brunch drink list.
The flavor taste profile has took a change also with the introduction of the sweeter rose’s, prosecos, nectar influenced wines. Well Chandon has introduce their more fruitier more high quality sparkling wine called “Delice”. Delice mean delicious, so with that being said Chandon Delice is something we all need to indulge in responsibly with our love ones. We can celebrate, congratulate and just cheers to the quality of life and progression. Retailing at between $17.99 -$20.99 depending on what state your in, its at the right price point for a new sparkling wine.

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