Nihki’s 2015 Spring Fashion Lookbook

by: Nihki F | Fashion and Style Expert Contributor

The weather is getting warm and fashionista’s all over the world our showing off very chic,

sexy, daring to be different fashion trends.

O-ff-the-shoulder silk tops and dresses are making a comeback. With every new

season we grow more and more accustomed to seeing the runways brim with endless

inspiration. And as the fashion begin to take shape, we know what to expect for all the

past themes and modern tales to be weaved anew by the bold, the sultry, the retro and

the impossibly feminine motifs gracing the catwalk year after year.

For spring / summer 2015, count on a romantic breeze to gently wash over your

wardrobe, to take you back in time, and to sweep your off your feet with the daintiest of

details. Look ahead to a fresh set of prints, to plenty of androgynous influences, to

luxurious fabrics and a palette of colours bringing you up-to-date. Take it all in, but do

choose to wear only what you love. As always, we are here to inform and inspire.

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