The belief that you are an entrepreneur is something that comes from within. The trust to know that your ambition is pushing your to step out on your faith in something you believe in. Taking full control of your life. There’s no machine or any company behind you when you dream of these thoughts, its just you and all these ideas. To become that person who dream of will take dedication, drive, focus and wisdom. You will definitely make mistakes and hit some hard times but that it part of the growing process. Your belief is your everything. You have to will your ideas into existence because in the beginning no one will see your vision but you. Entrepreneurship is created by 2 things; an Idea + Action. Sacrifice the present so that your future will be like you always dreamed. Never give up on what you truly believe in because 100 no’s are erased by the 1 right yes.

(Courtesy of Cosign Jackson #MMTV)

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