Young Billionaires…

Mark-Zuckerberg 1.Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, 30, maintained his top spot on the list of the richest individuals under the age of 35. His net worth is estimated at $34 billion, landing at No. 11 on the Forbes list of richest billionaires in America and the 14th richest in the world. 2.The CEO and co-founder of Snapchat,Evan Speigel, 24, a photo-messaging app, turned down a $3 billion cash offer from Facebook in 2013 and now runs a company worth an estimated $10 billion. His worth is known to be $1.5 Billion 3. This co-founder of photo-messaging app Snapchat, Bob Murphy, 25 along with fellow billionaire youngster Evan Spiegel — is the company’s chief technology officer. His worth is known to be $1.5 Billion 4. A German prince, Albert Von Thurn Und Taxis, 31, he inherited his billions on his 18th birthday in 2001. His diversified assets include art, timber and real estate. He remains a bachelor and spends his time racing cars for a German league. 5. Marie Besnier-Beauvalot, 33, She and her siblings inherited a French dairy company founded by her grandfather. The siblings now own 100 percent of the company and run it together. Courtesy of Bankrate: Read more: Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook

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