photo courtesy of NextShark

Ex-NBA professional basketball player Baron Davis has been out of the NBA for about 2-3 years so far and he hasn’t slowed down on his dreams. Davis has been an adament investor of his finances through out his 15 year career. He has stepped in to a new role into the film industry as a producer/director of his first exclusive release “The Drew: No Excuse Just Produce”. This basketball documentary is based on the history of the Los Angeles well know “Drew League” based in the heart of south central. With Davis at the helm of the direction of this project it should be a quality piece which will give supporters a great understanding of what this league is all about and its history. This documentary will be in Los Angeles Film festival from June 10th – 18th.

Also Davis is a Venture Capitalist whose goal is to invest in Entrepreneurs and their start-ups from the early stages. He has always used his money wisely and has always been a business savvy individual. From endorsements to now funding others dreams, davis has a sure understand of what he’s looking to invest in. Baron Davis is a well spoken young entrepreneur with a lot of passion for expanding his thoughts into reality. Check out the interview of Davis courtesy of

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