50 + EFFEN

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson never seems to amaze us with his strategic and smart business partnerships. The mega business hip hop entrepreneur has aligned himself in a partnership with Effen Vodka. Effen is a ultra premium smooth vodka distilled with flavors such as regular, cucumber, black cherry, salted caramel and raspberry. the bottle is creatively designed specific to the naked eye.
We have seen the success of Mr.Jackson with pretty much everything he has touched has made millions. Whether it be his fearless attitude to dive into all types of businesses that make sense for who he is and what he’s know for or rather it be just a him being a very smart businessman this entrepreneur know how to expand his portfolio. He’s not just aligning himself with this brand, 50 cent is actual doing in store signing for the brand, in which he did one about a month ago in Buffalo, NY where his presence along with the quality of the vodka sold and amazing 1400 bottles (277 gallons) in a 3hr time period. 50 cent is definitely showing his power for building brands from his SMS Audio company doing an exclusive deal with Walt Disney to this Effen Vodka making its presence felt in the US market.

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