Coney_Island_Cake_lipmatic_model_02 Destiny Jones the daughter of legendary hip hop rapper Nas has finally released her lip gloss line called “Lipmatic” by Destiny Jones. It’s seems to be a play on words off of Nas’ “Illmatic” classic album. This beautiful young entrepreneur seems to be following in her fathers footsteps by creating her own lane and not waiting on anyone to get her business underway. -1 She is being very creative with the names of her 4 styles of lip gloss by branding them (Coney Island Cake, Sunrise in Harlem, Brooklyn Brownstone & Rose Out of Concrete). Just like her dad she seems to have a way with words. Nas has been using his celebrity and mass following on instagram to post his daughters ads. Well i guess we know what the Jones are up to, starting businesses and expanding their legacy. Let’s support quality brands and entrepreneurs like Destiny Jones. log on to http://www.lipmatic.com to purchase lipmatic by Destiny Jones-3-2-4

(photo by Lipmatic.com)

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