The powerhouse APPLE has a plan to release their new Itunes Radio on June 8th but the hold up seems to be they are looking to get some big names to get involved. Rumor has it that Apple is seeking to hire Drake (hip hop’s hottest male rapper on the last 3 years) to be a guest DJ on the station. If this partnership could happen it would be an amazing situation for both parties. Their has been numbers being thrown around to the tune of $19 million dollars to get Drake involved. No one is positive because nothing is in ink yet, so for now its a conversation that’s circulating. Also Jimmy Iovine is supposedly involved in this deal especially after Apple purchased Iovine’s “Beats by Dre” Headphones company for a reported $4 Billion Dollars. We will wait and see what the next few days brings to see if Drake will be the a superstar guest DJ for Itunes radio.

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