Damien Escobar is known as the best violinist in the world to so many. He has changed the violinist game with his variety of collaborations from contemporary music to hip hop. This Jamaica, Queens native is really pushing to become that musician you mention in the likes of the great Stevie Wonder. He has a greater passion and that is to give back to his community with abundance. He’s on the board for the local Queens YMCA, where last year he helped raise $60,000 to send 1000 kids to camp for free.
He has a huge heart and wants to make bug changes in his community and help empower kids enjoy life + embrace their uniqueness as individuals. Escobar has his own non-profit called I AM ME, whose focus is to put music back into schools. He’s working currently with 20 public schools in NYC this fall to kick off this program. Please support Damien Escobar is all the positive he does for his community. He’s not talking about it, he’s actually taking action to do it.

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