New York based  ZARA retail store has allegedly been having issues with racial discrimination toward african americans customers according to the Center for Popular Democracy. African Americans were seven times likely tagged as being shoplifters according to a survey that the New York City Zara employees took earlier this year.  Code words like “special order” were used to define suspicious customers.  There was also employee discrimination toward African Americans with favoritism  toward white employees.


The timing couldn’t be so wrong, when recently Ian Jack Miller (general counsel work) filed a discrimination suit against Zara pertaining to his pay scale, religious faith and sexual orientation. Allegedly racial slurs were being said out loud around the store which Mr. Miller took immediate offense to.

Time will only tell in this situation what will happen. The racial climate as we know has been on pens and needles with all of the racist acts that have been taking place in America. Ignorance is taught always remember that, first and foremost.

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