Scott Storch was a mega super music producer in the late 90’s and early 2000’s before he hit a wall of success issues. He produced records for your biggest artist Diddy, 50 cent, Fat Joe, J Lo, Chris Brown, Jadakiss and many more. The 41 year old long Island native started this downward spiral around 2003 when he developed a cocaine habit, where in 2006 is alleged that he blew about $30 million on drugs, 20 luxury vehicles, a 18,000 square foot mega Miami mansion, a private jet and more in a span of 6 months. His spending habits seem to get out of control when stopping by the local mall and car dealerships. As of 2015, Scott Storch is allegedly filing for bankruptcy after all those years of millions spent. We wish him the best in getting back to dominance with a clearer head and smarter decisions. Money comes and money goes when having fun but being financially educated is the key to longevity in this world of financial success.

Scott Storch is quoted as saying to MTV in 2009 “The cost of the drug didn’t effect my life, “It was the poor decisions I made, that were so poor financially, that caused me to go into this situation where I was forced to change my lifestyle … forced to change a lot of things. [I had] 15 to 20 cars at all times,” he continued.” That’s not smart. I would take one of 15 half-million-dollar cars I owned and go to the mall and spend that much money. Stupid, stupid stuff. It’s like it didn’t make a difference. They were ego investments. I would have been great with three or four cars! I didn’t need a 117-foot boat.”

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