The Top paid DJ in the world is Calvin Harris and yes he does get paid extremely well. Harris is residence DJ at the hot club in the US, Hakkasan Nightclub in Nevada where he has a long term deal with this establishment. He’s also been on top of the highest paid DJ list from 2013 til present. Some of his major success has been working with Mega Stars like Rihanna and Kesha which has helped him land some huge gigs worldwide. You can see Harris at huge events like Coachella usually with about 100,000 screaming fans. Its said that Harris has made about $66 million in little over 125 shows. His sounds is based around EDM and Pop Culture but he can play it all. You can here a lot of his remixes on sound cloud and if your ever in Nevada stop in Hakkasan.

© Al Powers,

© Al Powers,

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