MJ’s Estate Increase

Michael Jackson aka the king of pop has been deceased for 6 years now and at the time of his death allegedly his estate was worth about $450 million. At present in 2015 MJ’s estate is said to be worth $2 Billion dollars. His fortune has come from many areas such as Publishing right owners of Beatles, Movie rights from “this is it”, 50+ million record sold, Cirque de Soleil and so many more ventures that we cant even name. The king of pop has been a staple in everyones heart for so many years.
He started a masterful music career when he was like 5 years old. His success has blossomed each decade into a new realm of stardom and money. MJ has three children which were set up extremely well before he passed on, so that if they were to cash out their percentage of ownership that was left to them each child would receive $100 million. Look forward to more Michael Jackson music in the future hopefully and God bless his family.

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