We love to hear stories of entrepreneurs, innovator and self motivated individuals who turn a thought into action which in turn can turn into phenomenon. That’s what we felt when we read about Humza Deas, a 17 year old young man who is a skateboarder and a very creative photographer. He has endured recent stardom from instagram and his 100,000 follower which have been amazed at some of his photos he’s posted. He is not your regular photographer, he catches the most dare devil, unique photos that you’ve seen before.
It could be on top of a 100 story building shooting on a downward angle or in a tunnel where you can only see the silhouette of a person walking. Humza Deas has found a passion for photography which works hand and hand with his skateboarding love. Born in Brooklyn and once living in Queens this entrepreneur has used his eye and vision to create works of artist to start his own business where you can purchase some of his beautiful work. Green Label caught up with this rising young man to feature a video on him speaking about who he is and more.
Check it out! Photos courtesy of


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