David Banner 41, is a hip hop veteran rapper + producer who has made it through the rough times to become one of the smarter emcee to educate himself with multiple college degrees and owning his own business. Banner has been in the media for the last 4-5 years a lot for being outspoken and being an activist for the African American voice in different communities like chicago, ferguson, missouri and more. His southern roots speak volumes on why he’s so passionate about educating the African American community. Straight from Mississippi, Banner has made his city proud of turning his rap career into entrepreneurship. He created “A Banner Vision”, a creative multi media company which focuses on creating music, scripts, films, commercials for mega brands. While being a CEO he has generated revenue which may be staggering to some because he’s not in front of the camera everyday.

Banner made $58 Million from May 2014 to May 2015 and has been estimated of having a net worth of $185 million which is generated from various business ventures like stock investments, real estate properties, restaurants (Fat Burgers), endorsement deals, Fashion line, acting career and much more. Its great to see David Banner excelling from rapper/ producer to mega business entrepreneur. He is still making music of course and has a new album coming out on June.30th 2015 on Itunes called “The God Box”. Support David Banner by going out and buying his new album on June 30th “The God Box”. Visit today

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