Fastest Growing Entrepreneurs in US

The “2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses report stated that from 1997 to 2015 women owner businesses have grown at a rate upward of 70% with African American women owned companies leading the bunch by far. They own approximately 1.3 millions business out of the 9.3 million business total in US. That’s a remarkable rate of ownership even though woman as whole face a lot of discrimination with African American women facing much more negative factors. States like Georgia, Maryland and Illinois have the highest percentage rates of Black female owned businesses but they are opening businesses all over the country as well. They have found ways to over come the prejudices and discriminatory acts by investing in themselves, taking the control out of anyone’s hands. Women owned half of the African American owned businesses total. The economy is up and down while the bills still pile up, so investing in your own dreams are the key to financial independence.

Danielle Smith, owner of Detroit Maid took that advice when she couldn’t find a cleaning service that would come to the inner city of Detroit. She found a void and filled it by creating Detroit Maid, which start in 2013. One of her first customer was Paramount pictures while on location shooting a movie in Detroit. She put together a strong proposal and locked in Paramount. Stories like this don’t come up a lot but blessing and hard work pays off. We (Mogul Media TV) say to all entrepreneurs “keep pushing because the goal is right around the corner and the opportunity is there.

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