Chloe Johnston, Founder + Preseident of “Chloe Johnston Tours” is one of the most influential self made entrepreneurs from Philadelphia who turned her travels as a young girl and unique fashion sense into a connoisseur experience. As a child Chloe, would travel abroad to Paris while having  a love for fashion when picking uniquely designed clothing. Her drive and ambition as she got older led her to attend Virginia University, where she received a BA in sociology and on to her MBA in Fashion Entrepreneuship in NYC at LIM Fashion College. She took her passion for style and travel and created Chloe Johnston Tours with help from her mother.


Chloe Johnston Tours provides a customized city tour package including meet and greet with expert designers, a custom daily itinerary to boutique shops, dining and entertainment for that individual who wants to endure that unique travel experience that only Chloe Johnston can provide. CJT is a very detailed company who will make your travel experience one of a kind and flawless. Their tours from New York to Paris will captivate your visit with hidden gems and cultural knowledge of these beautiful cities. You will be WOW in every facet of the word, when you return how from these one of a kind tours. Please take a look at


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