Sibusiso Leope, also known as DJ SBU is a record label owner, producer, radio personality and entrepreneur from Thembisa. His co-owned record label “TS Records” released some of the biggest South African artist for a period of time which has help build his success. Prior to his success he worked for some of the major radio stations in the country like YFM and Metro FM. His entrepreneurship expanded when he ventured off into hosting a game show of television and promoting unity for black under privileged individuals.
Its good to see an young entrepreneurs create something from nothing. DJ SBU has created his own energy drink which is causing alot of media hype behind it called “Mofaya”. In his eyes its more than just a energy drink, its a lifestyle, clothing line and a legacy. He has claimed to be worth some millions of dollars, no one is for sure but he’s working with his business ventures to make his families life the best it possibly can be.11378987_1462543324061135_2060862858_n

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