Confederate Flag Taken Down….. Finally


Today in South Carolina the Confederate Flag was taken down after debates back and forth of the meaning of the flag itself. To many the flag represented slavery and racism and to others it represents the confederate soldiers of the civil war and southern heritage to others.  There were black and white state troopers on site taking it down in front of a very large crowd and television cameras. This actions come three weeks after the racism driven murder of nine African American bible study attendees in one of the most historical African American churches in South Carolina. Charleston residents have been coming together but standing up against the racist violent acts that have been taking place in their city.


South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley has been pushing for to enact a law to take the Confederate Flag down. Her wishes have came true today in good ole South Carolina. Racism is taught it isnt a natural born character, the ignorance is being passed down from generation to generation with all hate intended. Everyday is a day to pass on the truth and not a lie, give these kids our future a chance to make their own decision on what they believe, stop force feeding them the cowardly hatred that many of the older generations have bottles up. God is Good and life is amazing, let’s make a change world.

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